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Canadahas a growing economy, and an expanding field for new and old businesses and properties alike. Investment in lucrative ventures and properties in Canada is a rewarding choice, and one that will bring a new edge to your assets.

To be eligible the applicant must:

  •   Have legally accumulated net-worth exceeding Canadian $800,000
  •   Have minimum of three years of business management experience
  •   Deposit Canadian $400,000 with the Government of Canada for five years
  •   Total money is refunded back after 5 years without any interest or deposit. Of this amount, only Canadian $120,000 is           non-refundable

Fluency in English or French is not required under this program.

To help you fulfill your dream of becoming a Canadian citizen, we can help you finance your investment through a major financial institution at highly competitive rates. You can then make your investment without tying up all your cash resources, by advancing only 120,000$CAD.

Your investment is managed by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and is guaranteed by the Canadian provinces that use it to create jobs and help their economies grow.

CIC will return your C$400,000 Investment, without interest, about five years and two months after payment.

Your family can also obtain permanent residency to Canada leading to Canadian Citizenship and Passport. Investors can live and work anywhere in Canada and no conditions is attached to this visa.

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