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Student Visas

A foreign nationalwho wishes to study in Canada may only do so if he/she is in possession of a Student Visa issued by Canadian immigration authorities.

For a foreign national to pursue a secondary or post-secondary education in Canada, there are two major steps that he/she will have to undertake:

  • He/She must be accepted in a program of study by a recognized Canadian secondary school or post-secondary institution

  • He/She must apply for and be granted a student authorization (and visa if required) from Canadian immigration authorities

When submitting an application for a student authorization, a foreign national will also need to provide the following documents:

  • Acceptance Letter from the Canadian educational institution

  • Proof of funds for school tuition and fees

  • Proof of funds to support himself/herself for the duration of his/her studies in Canada

  • Application Processing fee to be paid to the Canadian government

  • A police clearance certificate from his/her residence country if he/she is 18

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